Hello, I'm Kendra Davey, and I'm a freelance animator/illustrator. Welcome to my sketch blog. My portfolio and contact info can be found at, or you can feel free to send me a pm.

My main tumblr is animatedshorts, so if you see that person liking your posts or talking to you on here, yea, that's me.

With the exception of literary adaptations, do whatever you want with it! No need to ask ahead of time. Graphic it, edit it, use it as a dart board, whatever. (Though I do recommend printing it out before doing that last one.) I'm pretty happy to let it run wild. So long as you're not claiming it as your own work, and not selling it, you're in the clear. This does not apply to my personal work, or, again, work based off of literary adaptations (eg, drawings of the Wizard of Oz from book references should be asked about, but the movie versions would be free to grab)